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Easter at Our House - 2008
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So everyone is getting excited about the upcoming, big holiday. No not St. Patrick’s Day – although everyone in the coop agrees he did a great job. Snakes are B A D!


Its Easter that has everyone’s feathers flapping. The biggest holiday of the year, when the Great Chicken roams the land with a large woven basket, leaving colored eggs for the chickens that have been good all year long.


On the Night Before Easter, a traditional plate of animal crackers and a glass of orange juice is left out for the Great Chicken.


Erica tries her best to stay awake, but her heavy lids eventually close, only to wake at the first crow of morning to discover The Great Chicken has come and gone in the night.


Everyone gathers that evening to sing songs, read “Cheaper By the Dozen” and put the final touches on decorating the coop.


Karin is a task master when it comes to her vision for each year’s theme. In 2003 she went over the top with an “Operation Iraqi Freedom” motif. Even her Easter Bonnet was desert camouflage.

Bart wore face AND body paint that year and amazed everyone by seeming to “disappear” when he turned a certain way next to the wall of the coop. Each year’s theme is a surprise, so I will be curious to see what she has planned this year.


A sad note is that Kim won’t be here this year. She loved Easter (who doesn’t, right?)


Truman has started telling another story about Easter – something about resurrection and that he is going to bring Kim back from the dead. He has taken to wearing a swamy’s turban and acts like he can channel Kim.


He asks bizarre rhetorical questions and turns your comments back at you in obscure ways. Bart used to argue religious philosophy with him but has started to ignore him. Karin couldn’t care less – she’s been over Truman’s antics for years.


But poor, sincere Erica is really freaked out by it all. She follows Truman around asking “Kim” questions and wants to believe Kim will come back on Easter so badly that she has started giving Truman 10% of her cracked corn.


I wish he’d stop being such a pecker-head and just let everyone enjoy the holiday...


Happy Easter from all of us.



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