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Summer to Autumn 2013

Summer of My Convertible
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Summer 2012
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Summer of My Convertible
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The car is a white 1988, 325i, BMW convertible. A fast cruiser (in-line 6), with 190 horse power and an equal weight body (back and front weigh the same). I can’t tell you how thrilling it is, just changing lanes. Moves in and out as a man should.


Quick Update:


September is over and I have not written since last October, when we buried Joe Miller (see side link for relevant reference). I guess I really didn’t have anything to say for 12 months – I can hear the eyebrows going up ;-)


My last consulting job took me through winter and I spent the spring pounding nails and setting tile. A pass-time I will indulge in again. The time came to climb down from the hilltop and I have started another, 8 month contract with the State of NY. Suiting up in the morning, I am the proposal/document manager for a pretty big job. Good work, good people. I can’t complain.


All Summer Long:


I bought the convertible in May. Found it along the road one morning and said “yes” when I saw it. A birthday gift to myself, a gift of joy, and an expression that the only things hanging over me are the sun, the moon and the stars.


I am the dog driving the car - with my tongue hanging out. Every jaunt is an adventure because it’s a convertible. Unless there are frogs, hail or God himself coming down, I am topless. (I don’t believe in a God that doesn’t dance or like convertibles - its like a chariot) H*ll, it’s WHITE for Heaven’s sake.


The past three months were full of helping my cousins move into VT, dealing with my twin, seeing other friends, dinners, barbeques, a trip to the Cape, and shoveling gravel with the neighbors.


I drove through the fields of summer reveling in the promise of heat and possibility: heady nights of honeysuckle and the musky smell of corn – life all around. With the breath of August hot upon my shoulder, I got caught up in the mid-summer dreams I had forgotten. I relearned the different levels of love, the courage in vulnerability, and the strength that comes from friendship – ranges of emotions that were finally real and offer hope.


I had vowed to myself to catch up with, stay in contact, and participate in the lives of the people I care about. Twenty five years burning down the road and so many people are still keeping pace. They say if you have 5 life time friends, you are lucky. I’ve screwed the odds all to heck because I have people who have stuck with me, and the ones I have added in the last few years will be sticky as well.


This sounds like I have just crawled out of an emotional cave. Not exactly. The progression has been ongoing for a long time. I just feel incredibly alive and happy right now.


So come with me, dear friends, as I turn my headlamps towards Fall, I have heated seats…


Here’s a poem and a photo I produced at Race Point on the Cape….



Sea Foam


 I sit on this sun-drenched beach and the world is mine:

All its pleasures and treasures I have discovered in its sand,

But as I sit and stare at this ocean,

Ignorant or omnipotent,

I can’t say,

Life comes at me,

Wave by wave,

Day by day -

The crest falls and pulls back,

Taking bits of me each time,

Until all that I am,

All that I know,

Disappears into sea foam.


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